Accidents and medical emergencies are something we never expected, whether it is an accident that often occurs on the road, home or at various places, including illnesses that often occur quickly without us being alerted. Therefore, if not receiving correct and rapid first aid or resuscitation, there will be dire consequences which means disability or may be severe to the point of loss of life. Accidents are therefore unpredictable but can prevent and reduce losses, especially the emergency medical team and nurses who help the victims in the initial accident before sending to the hospital must have knowledge and expertise.

They must use technology to reach patients quickly providing care services for accident victims with complete tools  and modern equipment, along with a team of doctors and staff 24 hours a day, from first aid.  They provide preliminary treatment at the scene of the incident, move the patient quickly and safely to receive continuous treatment as well as physical and mental rehabilitation  until the patient can return to normal life.

Emergency Room Service

  • Providing 24-hour emergency care for patients with accidents 
  • 24-hour evacuation of critically ill patients (Emergency Medical Service) 
  • Providing wound care services 
  • Right Coordination Center/Medical Expense Assessment/Public Health Act