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What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files to store information that is saved on a computer device or your accessed communication tools through the web browser you choose to use when you visit our website.

Utilization of Cookies

We use cookies to collect the identity of your visit to the website. This identity will make it easier for us to remember the nature of your use of the website. And this information will be used to improve our website to better meet your needs for convenience and speed for your use of the website. At some point we are required to engage a third party to do so, which may be required Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) and cookies for analytics as well as linking information and processing for marketing purposes.

Variety and Functionality of Cookies

We use 4 types of cookies on our website. The use of such cookies does not reveal your identity.

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies. These cookies are strictly necessary on the website. This will allow you to access information and use all parts of our website. These types of cookies are stored and deleted after your visit to the website.
  • Analytical / Performance Cookies. These types of cookies allow us to measure performance by processing the number of pages that you visit as well as the number of unique characteristics of that visitor group. This information will be used to analyze visitor behavior patterns and we will use such results to improve the website to better meet the needs and usage of visitors. However, the information obtained and processed is anonymous or does not indicate your identity. Also, personal information such as name, email, etc., is not collected and is used only as statistical information.
  • Functional Cookies. These cookies are used to remember the features that you have selected while browsing the website. This saved information will be used again each time you return to our website. What you have previously selected will be displayed without you needing to select it again for the convenience of your use. However, the information processed is anonymous or does not indicate your identity. Also, personal information such as name, email, etc., is not collected and is used only as statistical information.
  • Behavioural Advertising / Targeting Cookies. These cookies will remember your visit to the website, your visit points, and interests. The information obtained will be used to adjust the website pages and marketing policies that suit your needs.

The table below lists cookies used on our website.

Strictly Necessary CookiesPSESSID, JSESSIONID
Analytical / Performance Cookies_ga, _gid, _gat, _gat_goquo, _gat_sabre, AMCVS_E1154AE159B1389B0A495CEC%40AdobeOrg,
AMCV_E1154AE159B1389B0A495CEC%40AdobeOrg, s_cc, s_sq, s_nr, gpv
Functional CookiesCOOKIE_POLICY, PG_LANGUAGE, currency, CurrentCustomerInfo,
CurrentLangInfo, FreqFlyerNum, gqsesnid, gqsnaid, myBookingID, mySearchID
Behavioural Advertising / Targeting Cookiesfr, IDE, NID, demdex, dextp

How do you delete Cookies?

You can delete cookies by studying the methods specified for each web browser that you choose to use by following the links below.

Changes to Cookie Policy

This Cookies Policy will be updated from time to time to comply with regulations. We recommend that you check to ensure that you understand the changes to such terms.