Service for In-patient (Admission)

  • Coordinating for patient room
  • Inpatient primary eligibility checking
  • Assessment of the coverage amount for treatment expenses of the policy submitted by the customer
  • Check continuous claim history in case of illness with the same disease

Cost estimate

  • Evaluate the amount of surgery/procedure
  • Estimate the amount of diagnosis with special tools such as CT Scan, MRI.
  • A request to check coverage and treatment limit in advance in case of day case

Insurance and medical resource management ( Insurance & UM nurse)

  • Assess the appropriateness, necessity, cost-effectiveness of hospitalization as an in-patient
  • Coordinate with the claims department of the insurance company. for approval of medical expense certification
  • Assess the risks that may arise from using the Fax claim service.
  • Assessment of coverage/correspondence of diseases with the policy that the customer submits to use the service